When you look at one's ass when they walk by you.
Hey man u listening?
Yeah, sorry I had some ass contact with Jane
Haha, it's okay
by thanospet October 21, 2011
The girl you pick up at a bar only because you're with another girl who is exceptionally hot. Her hotness is effectively your wingman and your proximity to this babe is what helps get you laid by other women. This is similar to a contact high where being near tokers is all you need to get stoned.
Dude #1: I brought this chick home from the bar last night. We totally hooked up.
Dude #2: Were you with that hot friend of yours from college that you used to date?
Dude #1: Totally, and the chick at the bar came over to talk to me. I didn't even open up the set.
Dude #2: Wicked, bro! You straight pulled some contact ass outta that place. We should party with your hot friend more often.
by tetdfromage August 5, 2012