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A person who asks you inane questions to the point where you can not even remember the point the original inquiry and makes you feel like shit in the process for no good reason.
Intern: Your next client is the conference room. When I had him sit down in the conference room he said he didn't complete the paperwork you requested he fill out for you. That is why I don't have it to give to you now.

Boss: What?!! Why didn't he fill out? Didn't you give him the paperwork? Why didn't the secretary get it from him 2 days ago?

Intern: He said completely forgot to fill out the paperwork. The secretary did call 2 days ago however, he never picked up or returned our messages. I did ask him to fill it out now according to the instructions we previously explained to him upon. I know you like to review it just before seeing clients.

Boss: Why isn't it done? Doesn't he know how important it is to complete the paperwork? Did he get lost getting here? Did he run out of pens? Doesn't he know how to read? Couldn't he just down load the PDF and fill in the blanks? Does he know how to use Adobe products? Isn't the deadline clearly stated on the first page? How did he forget? Why did he forget? What do you want me to do about it?!!! Isn't that why I have you???!!!!
Intern's inside voice: "Fuck, I did everything you wanted except shit a golden egg. What a fucking askoff!! What do you expect me to do if the client can't fill out simple paperwork as instructed?!!! What where the questions??? How am I supposed to reply to this shit?"
by buttbustingintern April 04, 2015
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