a holiday which falls on the last skool day in September, usually September 30th
self-explanatory; a day that is celebrated by asking a lot of stupid questions, mainly to your teachers/professors
only funny if you get many people to participate, in which case it can be the most fun and looked-forward-to day of the year
it is perfectly placed, in that it is soon enough after summer that everyone is still sad that summer's over and could use some laughs, yet it is late enough that you have already gotten to know your teachers fairly well, and know the limits to how many stupid questions you can ask them and not get into trouble
Examples of questions that could be asked on ask a stupid question day:
Ms. Milio, if the moon exploded, what would happen to us?

Why is Hamlet so sad his father died, Ms. Farrell?

What's the square root of 4, Ms. Sirakos?

Ms. Intrieri, what would've happened if the Reformation had never happened, or if it had happened in Asia?

Mme. Bertacchi, how do you say "I'll stab you with a knife" in French?
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