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What most asians think and act without realizing it. All the immigrants and new students that come here from China, Japan, or Korea, are on some asian supremacy flow. It's when you think the asian race is superior to any other. E.g; When you see asians walking down the street with MCM backpacks, Canada Goose jackets, and expensive handbags, they are trying to flex their asian supremacy by showcasing their wealth. When asians tape their eyes using eyelid tape, wear circle lens, or whiten their skin with Korean skin care products; it is because they want to look white- but they still think that they're better than western people and americans, so they try to hide the fact that they alter their appearances to look more white.

Also refers to asians that only hang out with their own kind. The cliques that VSCO cam the same food places on Instagram, that dress in the same urban/hipster fashion, and do their eyebrows and skincare routine all in the same way.

When asians only speak their language in public, its because they don't want you to overhear them criticizing western ideals, or what you're wearing, or how everything in America is bullshit.
"The other day I went into a store to get my belt fixed. This asian couple came in and asked one of the salespersons that they wanted the most expensive attire in the store that was unisex. They are full of asian supremacy".

"Oh my god, your asian roommate has one of those backpacks that Justin Bieber rocks."

"Really?! she told me it was from Forever 21. Guess she's on some asian supremacy shit, because she knows I won't find that backpack there".
by theartofspontaneity September 18, 2016
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