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The angle at which the non Asian appear Asian. Can be found with a 360 degree composite of the persons face. This requires both an X value and a Y value about the axis of rotation.
-She definitely has an asian angle
-She's slightly asian looking from certain angles. Specifically at x=150 and y= -27
by Dr. Rodger December 30, 2008
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(adj.) the angle in which a camera is positioned down below the male genitalia specifically the penis, giving it the illusion making it appear bigger than it actually is for the purpose of SEXting, basically the old bait and switch.
Peter: "Hey, Mike I was looking at your profile on ChristianMIngles, your dick looks kinda small."
Mike: "I know, what should I do?"
Peter "Use the Asian Angle"
Mike: "That's genius. Thanks."
by GoDeep June 27, 2017
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