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An excellent MMORPG developed by Turbine and Published by Microsoft.

When it was first released the game was moderately popular for many years and was of much greater quality than Evercamp. It had many brilliant and innovative ideas such as the Allegance System and the Updates which added new content to the game every month. However, the updates were eventually the death of the game as the morons added so many high level creatures to the game that it became to dangerous to walk five feet out of any town unless you were over level 100. What were they thinking?

The Sequel to this game was extremely similir to the original game except that it had slightly better graphics and all the good features were removed. In other words the sequel sucked. Hopefully if there is ever a another sequel to this wonderful game then the developers will have the sense to bring back the original Character system, magic and other excellent features from the original that the last game lacked.
Asherons call is the best MMORPG I have ever played. Although if I had spent a few more weeks with Anarchy Online I might have changed my mind.
by Sega Slayer November 09, 2003
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