the sweetest, most adorable actor of all times. he acts, sings, and contributes to charities. he stars as jonah beck in the disney tv show andi mack, and will play billy batson in shazam
have you seen the new and mack?
yeah, asher angel was so adorable in it.
by puppygoose February 15, 2018
he is an amazing actor who has a new movie named Shazam. He is also dating Annie Leblanc. He treats her better than Hayden did. no tea no shade. #Ashannie
Asher Angel: *Reads Comment* Pull your hoodie down if Ashannie is real. *Pulls down his hoodie.
by Ashannie February 19, 2019
Annie leblanc's man. The hottest and cutest teen boy on planet earth alongside Carson Lueders. He can dance sing act and own everyone.
Asher Angel is better than yeehaw boy
Annie upgraded to Asher Angel
by WE CRAZY BITCHES March 18, 2019
Asher Angel is an American actor.He play Billy Batson on Shazam and he also pay Jonah Beck on Andi Mack.He also have a girlfriend named Annie Leblanc,he is the sweetest,supportive and caring boyfriend to Annie Leblanc.Watch Shazam now!!!!
Asher Angel + Annie Leblanc = Ashannie
Asher Angel is property of Annie Leblanc
by xJustChloe April 16, 2019
Asher Angel is known for his role as Billy Batson in DC's movie SHAZAM! in 2019 and for portraying Jonah Beck in the 2017 television series Andi Mack. Angel started his career as an actor in 2008, acting the role of Jessica Chastain in the movie Jolene. Now, apparently, he is dating Annie LeBlanc, their ship name being Ashannie
I totally ship Asher Angel & Annie LeBlanc over Annie & Hayden!
by MelonBed April 26, 2019
Asher angel is a boy who played Jonah on andi Mack and billy on Shazam, in 2018 he released a song called chemistry, which was his biggest hit, until he released one though away, Asher started dating Annie LeBlanc on 2/14/19 and they have been going strong since, Ashers music video for one thought away is coming out on June 6, and fans are so exited because his girlfriend Annie plays a big roll in the music video. Asher has a sister named London and a brother named avi, he has green eyes and is 16 years old. He know how to play the guitar and is an amazing singer. He is the sweetest cutest boy alive and Annie is so lucky to have someone like him.
I love Asher angel so much he is so cute
by Taylor rusk June 3, 2019
Needs to date me. He is cute and I’m #single so screw Annie. Sis I’m stealing your man. HMU Asher luv u ❤️❤️❤️
Asher angel should leave Annie and date me
by Imafackstan April 13, 2019