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Asceline is the best friend you could ever met. She has a unique name that nobody knows. So you have to find a asceline somewhere. Asceline are some times scared but know how to be fun. An Asceline is great and funny. FIND ONE!!!!!
by Shookgirl December 02, 2017
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If you don't know someone named Asceline, you'd better go find one! They are amazing, sweet, beautiful, and they have long, luscious curls that are definetly natural. You can always depend on Asceline, even when you don't have any one else to depend on. She always tells you the truth and doesn't get mad at you for stupid reasons. An Asceline will never, EVER forget about you, and doesn't talk about you behind your back. Plus, she will always stand up for you, even if she standing up against her other bestfriend.
"My best friend's name is Asceline."
"Thank you Asceline, for everything."
by ILoveYourLusciousCurls March 06, 2018
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