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1. A person who combines the elements of art and photography creatively. 2. Creating art derived from a photograph. 3. Using a photograph of art as art. 4. Manipulating a photograph and rephotographing it. 5. A person who engages in a combination of events perpitrated upon an object to alter its original intent to reflect a new vision of combined photography, computer manipulations, painting, etching, drawing,or even running over it with their car to create artography. 6. Someone who uses a collage of elements realted or unrelated to create an image and then photograph it.
For example: An artographer takes a photograph of a zebra, then uses a computer program to change the color of the stripes, physically cuts out the picture they created and places it on another picture so that it looks like the zebra is standing downtown in traffic waitng for the light to turn green. In the combined pictures they color in the stoplight with crayons or chalk, and paint some of the stripes differrent colors. Then the person takes the image they have created, scans it, prints it out and then puts it on the ground and runs over it with their car and leaves painted tire marks on the image and then they photograph it again and call it art.
by Bonnie Beep February 04, 2007
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