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1. a person who enjoys the arts (not neccessarilly an artist) and is excessively lively and outgoing. Often multi-talented and seemingly flirtatious.
2. outspoken creative being

Not to be confused with art whore
Did you see that chick? She was the biggest art slut I've ever come by. You see how she was showing off her tits at that opening? Well, at least she can paint (and her tits were nice)
by wingedmoocow January 19, 2005
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1. An ArtSlut is someone who's willing to do what it takes to progress in their creative endeavors. It's not dirty. It just feels good. These are smart, ethical people who believe that the arts (of all types) make the world a better & more beautiful place. Yes. They are more spicy, edgy & cool than most. They are the do-good, trend setters of our society & may include patrons or any other types of arts enthusiasts, in addition to the creators.
2. The Art Sluts are a group of like minded artists; a creative community, dedicated to helping artists help themselves & to making the world a better place through beauty, be it audio, visual, performance or conceptual - self expression for the greater good.
Though we first, tend to think of painters & musicians, there are countless types of ArtSluts. Culinary artists make millions happy through their creativity. Whether there's an audience or not, celebrating life through self expression, makes you a perfect ArtSlut.
by Barbara Grob March 19, 2006
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