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Art Modell was the owner of the Cleveland Browns from 1961-1995. In 1995, after sucking every dick in Baltimore and taking quite a few in his ass, he moved the Browns to Baltimore and renamed the team the Baltimore Ravens. He is known as the Antichrist in most circles and actual rioting took place in Cleveland after the move. He reportedly died of coronary problems in 2012 but he would need to have a heart for that to be true. After his death, Art Modell has talked about relocating Hell. Art Modell's last name can be used as a synonym for shitting or moving.
Marco: Hey, where's the bathroom dude?
Josh: Around the corner, just don't Modell in there.

Lisa: How was work honey?
Cameron: Pretty bad, the office is being modelled so I have to drive an extra half and hour to work now.

Rick: Did you hear Art Modell died?
Derek: Yeah, I heard he's sucking a bag of dicks down in Hell.
by Anthony Bands December 10, 2013
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