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The extent to which one is an arsehole. A quantity of arsehole-ness, i.e. having or being of greater arseholery simply means that the subject is more of an arsehole.
"Alternatively, you can get yourself a wedding planner, which is the wedding equivelant of debt consolidation. Rather than dealing with various different arseholes of varying levels of arseholery, you can get yourself one 18-carat, stone cold wanker." - Ed Byrne
by Silent Dave October 19, 2010
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Multiple arseholes behaving like arseholes all at the same time.
β€œSay Bob, you sure seem to have a bee in your bonnet about something.”
β€œWell, Mavis, it’s all this arseholery that’s going around the office.”
β€œIs it Calvert?”
β€œAnd Gertrude. The arseholery is tit-deep in there!”
by buttonfortheinternet November 11, 2017
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