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1. A small furry animal that enjoys arses.
2. A reasonably mild cuss involving an animal.
"Gah, arseferret. I dropped the cheese."
by Marion H. September 10, 2005
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Its a game where a little bit of ferret food up your ass and the ferret searchs it out.. (David swain was the guy who co-founded this game and sadly was the first and last person too see the ferret. )
* A party gone WILD*

random guy :" Hey dave whats that your holding?"

Dave :" A sexy ferret.. i have an idea....." ( * Grins*)

Dave: " Pass me that cheesey puff"

Random guy:"Why?"

Dave"just watch! I call it arse ferret"

Random:"Dude thats wrong!"

Dave: " it won't come out!?"
by Kirpy_mitzie April 20, 2008
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A person who likes to rummage around in other people's arses, looking for treats.
Matthew: let me have a gander is your back passage.
Simon: Fuck off you arse-ferret.
by Backside bandit November 23, 2018
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