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Armaud will be one of the goofiest and loyal people you will ever meet. Although he is goofy, he can be serious . He is honest, patient, caring, nerdy, dorky and for the most part, really tall with some crazy hair. Armaud is usually athletic and very strong, both mentally and physically . He Sees the positive in everything . He longs for love . When he is with the boys he is loud and rowdy but when he finds the one, he is passionate and patient. He seems to be insecure at times... but has no reason to be . If you are lucky enough to be blessed with an Armaud you will be treated as a queen . He is a very good encourager, especially in times of hurt. All of that aside, you cannot help but love the big teddy bear. People like him are hard to come by. You are truly lucky if you come across an Armaud.
Ex. Armaud is absolutely amazing.
Ex. I love you Armaud.
by Mommak21 May 01, 2018
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