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Arken's Law, which states that a discussion is over when a camparison is made to the book 1984, was invented on While it was Arken who came up with the idea that Orwellian references are much abused, it was someotherguy who suggested that a law similar to Godwin's be applied.
User 1: Big Brother is here! Welcome to 1984!

User 2: I invoke Arken's Law by declaring this discussion over and you are retarded.
by me October 31, 2004
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Very similiar to Godwin's law. The difference being that, while Godwin's law dictates that a thread on a forum or Usenet is finished when Hitler or the Nazi's are invoked, Arken's law says that a discussion is over when present society is compared to Orwell's Oceania in the book 1984.
Poster 1: America is just like 1984...remember, Big Brother is Watching

Poster 2: By Arken's law, this discussion is over and you are a moron.
by ex-xian October 30, 2004
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