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1. A phrase commonly used amongst players and pimps to describe the arch in a females lower back. This phrase is used to compliment the female on her arched back and her curvacious buttocks whether she arches her back purposely or naturally, bending over or standing up.
1. "Oh damn, that's that girl from the beach, yeah, the one with the phenomenal ass, Arch it back!"

2. "Ab-so-lute-ly! For the love of it. Arch it back at a medium pace if you have to."

3. "Arch it back... just like that, now turn around and watch me. I told you we could cure that headache girl"

4. "Can you pass me the salt and pepper baby? Damn girl, arch it back if you have to, that't what I'm talking about."
by Thomas Elliott May 03, 2006
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