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A tag name associated with ones style.
A chavvy, hip hop beat bopper will have a tag name.
Like a nickname or slang word, but even more pointless.
Usually, (only) chavs have 'tag' names because they think its really kool and makes them look big and clever, but the way they spell them usually proves them wrong like, Baby- spelt Baybii. Picture this, An ugly boy, in his early teens with acne wearing a flatcap, a baggie grey nike tracksuit & muddy nike dunks, street-ratting outside maccie D's with a portion of chips, standing with his 13-year-old pregnant-slag girlfriend, argueing because he says: "Holla at me when your 16." to an equally chavvy slag girl passing in the street. -Point being, He is the type who has a tag name.
Oi bruv you jammin round station tnite' ?
Narr man. Im gone down Co-op, widd ARABWISE, and COSMIC.
Y'get me?
Laters bruv!
by ROAR, myspace me fershure! November 05, 2007
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