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A stoner / smokers game with many local varient names e.g. cups / mugs and variant rules.
The basic rules are:
The game is set up by creating a wall from a square of tissue paper / kitchen towel / rolling papers, stretching this over the top of a wide rimmed glass, e.g. a pint glass, and securing using a elastic band / hair band / tape (this is where the name comes from as it resembles a keffiyeh).
Once this is done a penny or other small coin is placed on top of the wall in the center.

The first player then inhales / takes a toke and holds their breath.

Whilst holding their breath they burn a hole in the wall.

They continue to hold their breath until the paper stops burning.

Assuming that the coin had not dropped, they pass on the spliff to the next player who must do the same.

The game ends when a player causes the penny to drop, usually resulting in a pre agreed forfeit.
by KamenRiderBreak December 07, 2014
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