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When the scrotum of a man is placed upon the face of another person in such a way that the testes of the man placing his scrotum on the face cover the eyes of the recipient of the sandgoggles. From this position, a hot carl becomes very easy to enact.
Dude, I couldn't see the shit coming because arabian sandgoggles were blocking my entire view!
by BilboBaggins January 08, 2004
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Placing ones testicles over the eye-lids of another.
Ian proceeded to shade the sun from Jason's eyes by giving him the Arabian sand Goggles
by Ian March 11, 2004
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when a girl does a hand stand and is giving you a blow job and at the same time and your nut sack lies over her eyes like arabian sand goggles
arabian sand goggles
by frijolin89 February 12, 2009
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The act of placing ones testicles on anothers eyes, covering them only so see thru the Arabian sand goggles, usually found on the beach....or parties
by Dirty D and Big kiel March 30, 2004
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