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To place date rape drugs such as GHB into someone's drink so they will pass out. This allows the person to be taken advantage of usually to the point of having non-consensual sexual intercourse. The term "aqua dot" refers to the popular toy manufactured in China that was found to contain the date rape drug GHB. This resulted in several children being placed into a coma following the ingestion of the "dots."
Bro 1: Awww...bro...I am totally am going to hook up with Caitlin tonight.
Bro 2: Aww...bro...Caitlin totally hates you after you DPed her sister last summer.
Bro 1: Aww..bro...dont worry, I'll aqua dot her appletini and then she will be all mine.
Society: (frowns)
by Ricky Dorner November 08, 2007
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Before becoming the ever-so-loved children toy, "Pixos", this little drug looking fun device which only needed water to form a t-rex out of many little beads, was slipped into un-suspecting college drinks causing a rise in date-rape college incidents.
Man: Dude, I heard Mandy got raped last night. They said she got knocked out by some Aqua-Dots.

Man 2: Dude, that sucks. Effed up by a childs toy.
by G*O*A*T August 07, 2009
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