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Aqisha is an amazing girl that can mersmerize you with her beauty just by walking past you. Once you fall in love with her, you can never get out of it. Although she is clumsy in the bus and tends to fall over, you can catch her and she will just laugh it off. She has a great sense of humor which just makes everyone in the room laugh their heads off.

Aqisha gets angry pretty quickly but it is easy to make her happy again. Just ctack a few jokes and she's back to her normal self. She is adventurous but not a very sporty person. Loves Jonas Blue's songs and sings really well. She is very unprrdictable and therefore you should watch the way you behave with her. Loves surprises but can get annoyed if she does not like them. She can make your heart melt with just a single hello and make you fall in love. However, she is a bit whiny and picky.
Boy: OMG! Did you see Aqisha walk past me just now? I couldn't move! She is so hot.

Girl: I know right! I wish I could be like her
by Jerry Stilton November 01, 2017
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