The Person who was born on this day is the prettiest/cutest, nicest, caring person. This Person also has clear skin is very fit and will hurt the Person who hurt her friends. She/he/it will put your needs infront of hers.
Guy: i wish i could be born on April 16 so i could have clear skin like her/him/it
by Marthadumptruck November 02, 2019
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Naitional nipple lickers day. April 16 is the day where when a boy sees a girl that he likes, he shows her this definition and she has to allow him to lick her nipples.
Boy: “Hey girl it’s April 16. You know what that means. National nipple lickers day, here’s the evidence”

Girl: “I guess I have no choice”
by Vapepalace69 April 16, 2018
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