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The worst way in the entire universe to spell appreciative. ---- Also it is NEVER spelled this way in an alternate universe. It is agreed upon in each alternate reality/alternate universe to never use above for-mentioned word because it can lead to very bad things. (see example)

Spelling Nazi magnet. A.K.A Douche-bag's-with-spell-check. (see example to find out how to get rid of spelling Nazi's.
1. Is very apprichiative of the tea snookums made me for my tummy ache. n_n (if used this way, can cause universe to implode, May also free spelling Nazi's.If universe does not implode and spelling nazi appears, insert full sized keyboard into anal cavity of said spelling nazi. Warning upon doing this spelling nazi will eventually fart or shit. A grammar-nazi laxative coated keyboard will also speed up process.(Sold by apprichiative inc) When incorrect keystrokes are pressed by the spelling nazi internally , a black hole will form.from rectum of nazi (be advised possible that shit will move at the speed of light. This has unknown consequences. It could destroy universe/multiverse. However It is guaranteed to destroy the spelling nazi. Be advised Shit will be everywhere, and keys from keyboard as well. if they arrange themselves and spell apprichiative you will have to repeat the entire process over. (Also sometimes beating them with the keyboard scares them off for a while, but if/when you fuck up they return. See Spell-check and douche-bag for further reading.
by fo Twenny July 15, 2011
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