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the ability of mobile devices to download apps for just about anything. making it impossible to get through a conversation or activity without someone having access to information that corrects, challenges, or supports you.
I'm eating lunch the other day and Brian whips out his iPhone to tell me how many calories i'm consuming. Since he got that phone, he's so appnoxious!
by DeNacho May 13, 2009
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iPhones and other smartphones are now capable of all kinds of amazing feats. But while our technology has developed by leaps and bounds, human nature — specifically our tendency to become obsessed with shiny new toys — hasn’t changed a whit.
Person 1: "Wow dude, I just searched that China has over 3 billion people"

Person 2: "You are so app-noxious, bro ..."
by Steven Glossy May 13, 2009
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