1: Noun. A racist term used by whites equivalent to the term "nigger". Most effectively used in high volume applethrowing environments, such as Brooklyn, Oakland, Baltimore or the Apollo Theater where use of other more common racist terms may get you shot, stabbed, or hit by apples.

2: Noun. A non-racist term describing Jamaican immigrants working at apple orchards in Vermont, who like to throw apples to high school soccer players running laps around a soccer field. However, please note that an individual who fits the definition of applethrower (2) may, in fact, fit the description of an applethrower (1) in his spare time...or all the time.
Guy 1: "Look at that fucking applethrower over there."
Guy 2: "Wait, is he wearing..."
Guy 1: "Purple, lime green, and bright orange Air Force Ones..."
Guy 2: "...and a Warren Moon Houston Oilers throwback."

Guy 1: "There were a lot of apples being thrown at the bronx zoo today."
Guy 2: "By the monkeys?"
Guy 1: "No, by the fucking applethrowers working the concession stands."
by applethrower September 8, 2009
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