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The extremely cheap but shiny plastic that all apple products are made from.

Treated with a special shine agent which an iTard can detect from almost 4 miles away with their sense of tard.
A metal version is rumoured to be available, but has been proven to be nothing more than a thin veneer of aluminium over more applastic, with the logo showing through.

Comes in any colour, so long as that colour is white.

Has a rotten apple silhouette stamped in every sheet.
iTard: OOOO look at that new fad! its crap.
Normal person: No it's not, it's functional, sensibly priced and fulfils a purpose.
iTard: THIS one is better its the new i-<insert name here> waffle waffle....
Normal person: But its covered in applastic <feels sick>

AppleZombie: sooooooon, sir..... braaaaaiiiiinsss....
Steve Jobs: Excellent! Now I will dominate my pathetically small market share of applastic addicts, iTards and dumbasses who know nothing about technology and have more money than sense EVEN MORE!!
by Corneliusthecunning May 19, 2009
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