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A sociopathic person who undergoes prominently visible body modifications which are repulsive in nature and/or who exhibits unpleasant, antisocial tattoos.
The purpose of such body mutilation by a sociopath is overtly to display socially hostile attitudes and so discourage normal people from engaging with the wearer. Aposematists often identify themselves with other socially inadequate and hostile misfits with similarly repulsive markings. These displays are also narcissistically arrogant in nature and create a sense of individuality in the wearers.

Wearers of body modifications that are relatively unique and which may be considered artistic and imaginative are not necessarily antisocial in attitude.

However, prominently displayed and in-your-face body piercings and accoutrements designed to shock and repulse viewers, which the vast majority of people would consider to be unsightly disfigurements are evidence of sociopathic aposematism.
by Fritsy Bitsy November 26, 2012
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