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Former heavyweight champion of the world. Lost title to Rocky Balboa in Superfight 2. Was killed by Soviet Fighter Ivan Drago. King of Sting. Master of Disaster. Count of Monte Fisto.
by Anonymous October 04, 2003
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the act of being intimate with an aesthetically displeasing stranger for one night only. Originates from the movie "Rocky" (1976); world heavyweight champion Apollo Creed offered a random nobody a shot at the title.
A - oh my god, what the fock is that? its got Conor!
B - its some total randomer he pulled. he said at the start of the night he was going to do an apollo creed.
A - she's got a face like a chihuahua shitting a peach stone
B - i know
by theshoebyrne June 02, 2008
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