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Apocalepsy is a mental, emotional or physical state that results from people's belief in apocalyptic foretelling, such as the Apocalypse. The state is noted by mental and/or physical rigidity, or convulsions with loss of rational thought, along with the inability to recognize alternative explanations for the fate of the world. Evidence of apocalepsy is found when large numbers of people adapt their behavior to calendar dates foretelling the end of the world, the coming of aliens, the coming of God or other metaphysical spirits, and often coincide with the writings of a religious sage or ancient author, such as Nostradamus or the Mayan calendar. Its frequency and intensity vary with social unrest, economic upheaval, and other situations where people think major, calamitous changes are the likeliest solution for the state of the world. This condition usually subsides among the afflicted individuals once the appointed date passes.
Those folks at the revival tent go through fits of apocalepsy every time a new preacher predicts the end times.
by Dr.Funkenbass January 01, 2012
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