Derived from the Latin "apis" (bee) and "forma" (figure), "apioform" can be used as an insult, compliment, random placeholder, or for any purpose whatsoever. Mostly used in the context of esoteric programming languages, somehow. The word can be expanded by inserting or prepending prefixes such as "cryo", "pyro", "chrono", "contra" or "meta" to convey additional meaning, e.g. "cryoapiocontraform". An older form was "apiohazard", for hazardous apioforms, but this has fallen out of use.

Despite some isolated claims to the contrary, apioforms are not considered a memetic hazard.
You are like 3 (three) apioforms.
What even is an apioform?
Alright, apioforms.
Ideatic chronoapioforms in meta-ubqvian space.
That idea is isomorphic to 34 apioforms!
games and other programs that are apioformic to run on linux or openbsd.
It graphs apioform concentration (including retroactively) over time.
anyway "lyric make macron" would make a fine sequel to beware apioforms and "fixing ewo" yes
apioforms are form-suffixed apios
anyway i need to rotate in the xz plane so bees and apioforms are plentiful.
apioform you're not listening to me.
by gollark November 27, 2020
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