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a very cute and girly Korean Pop girl group that debuted on April 19th, 2011, consisting of 6 members Park Chorong (leader/rapper), Yoon Bomi (lead vocal, main dancer), Jung Eunji (Main vocal), Son Naeun (Visual), Kim Namjoo (lead vocal), and youngest Oh Hayoung
I went to Apink's concert today.

Did you hear Apink's new song?!
by cjswl October 04, 2013
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Apink is a kpop girl group that debuted on april 19th 2011.THEY ARE LEGENDS!they are funny af,you'll laugh your ass off if you watch their videos!The members are PARK CHORONG,YOON BOMI,JUNG EUNJI,SON NAEUN,KIM NAMJOO AND OH HAYOUNG.YOU WILL NEVER regret stanning them!
APINK is my favourite kpop group

'I cant breath ,APINK's variety shows are funny af'
'I'll kill you if u hate APINK!'
by apinkqueens April 23, 2018
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