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She is an amazing, loving, honest, loyal, respectful, kindhearted person and appreciates anything that’s given to her. She doesn’t need attention to be happy as she has her friends and family. Anuska would do anything to make sure the people she loves are happy. She is a good listener and can give good advice too. Anuska is person who like to bring people back together no matter how long it takes.
Bestfriend 1: I have a problem!
Anuska: What happened?
Bestfriend 1: My boyfriend broke up with me!

Bestfriend 2: Ouch. Anuska could help!

Anuska: He wasn’t a good guy anyways, you deserve better!
by Kay.bee February 13, 2018
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She is very special girl.She talks too much.She has many frends and many enemys . She never learns, but always get good grades. She is a good listener and she is god at computer games.She is also very atractive and very funny. Her body is outgoing and she is very positive about things. She is good lover but she is too much worring about her boyfrend.
That girl is anuška. i wish i had boobs like anuška have.
by Anuška February 07, 2019
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