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1. The general term for the random rearrangement of the monosyllable elements of speech: anus, cunt, fuck, and face.
2. Someone who is abnormally annoying and to have in your field of vision and/or presence is a crime against humanity.
3. An expression sometimes used by US citizens of Irish and/or Scottish decent to describe someone as unfathomably stupid and ignorant.
1. That little anuscuntfuckface is driving out of my fucking mind!
2. I swear to on my mothers grave if that dimwitted cuntfaceanusfuck touches me one more time i'll slit his grimy fucking neck and shove his decomposing corpse up his mothers asshole!
3. Aye! The filthy fuckanuscuntface grabbed me shalaylee in front of me mum!
by VinylLover March 18, 2009
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