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The word Antwainice is a non-common name, but has a very specialty to It. If You were blessed with this name, you are very beautiful,smart,creative,different,and Is very cool to be around. She is very nice to most but most definitely doesn't take any shit. She isn't a fighter, but will become one if needed to. She isn't fake toward friends, and will defend a love one if she needs to! Although she is very cool & chill asf, she doesn't have too many friends. She also can become emotional at times but will try her best to never show her weak side. Long Story Short: Never turn your back or switch up on her... once you fuck with her you will always fuck with her, and that's that.
Your EXTREMELY SPECIAL if your blessed with this name, Antwainice😛!
by Dajah Montgomery May 06, 2017
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