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A fat Mexican who is attracted to babies and thinks he’s black.
“You know that antonio devito? He rapped Henry Votel’s little sister.”
by Keegan Hilger February 18, 2018
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Also known as Gibby, Moobs, and Lord Fat Tits, Antonio Devito is a 5'10" asian chink/lesbian that weighs 300 pound. He is well known for raping many babies and sitting on people when he is mad. Also, he can make semen come out of his gigantic moobs at any time.
"Did you hear about Keegan Hilger making fun of Antonio Devito today at lunch?"
"Yea I heard he sat on him and squished him."
" Wow what a stupid fat titted lesbian"
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by Bryce Raped Hannah August 14, 2018
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