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A person that hates America and loves anyone who comes into America from a 3rd World Country that can hate America with them. Someone who wants to see America fail and won't admit there is anything good about it, but under no circumstances will that person leave the country. They also hate anyone who loves America and her values. If you don't think America is the worst country on the planet then they will assault you verbally but most likely violently especially if the are in a mob.
Did you see that gang of antitrumpers? One of them just coldcocked that guy with the Make America Great Again hat on....
by todalmighty August 27, 2018
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A person who identifies with a liberal or socialist political perspective, having beliefs based on half-truths, lies, and misconceptions put forth by others they admire and choose to follow instead of relying on the undeniable truth and verifiable facts. Living examples of anti-trumpers include alt-left politicians such as Elizabeth Warren and Maxine Waters are anti-trumpers. And alt-left media personalities such as CNN's Anderson Cooper and Rachel Maddow are anti-trumpers.
We have all heard the most absurd and grotesque things come from the mouths of media personalities, politicians, and anti-trumpers.

Barny is an anti-trumper who lives in his parent's basement and unable to support himself in the realworld.
by 4TAP May 07, 2017
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