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The aggravated hate against water infected with antidisestablishmentarians who have the fear of Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis while performing a massage to a european man between the age of 32 and 37 at 11:15am on March 13th, July 5th or November 22nd in any year that the last two digits are prime numbers.

Pronouced: Anti-ah-kwa-unt-tear-ear-is-many-mono-silly-kina-choll-ocks-id-eard-shon-is-nary.
Bill: I really don't like flies, the have an annoying sound and land on your food.

Bob: Yeah, I don't particually like people who antiaquauntariaismanimonosilicinacholoxidiadtioniszary.

Bill: I concur
by elliotcocofishing September 08, 2008
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