A die-hard fan of the Big League baseball team the Boston Red Sox.
John: So, who do you think's got the Series this year?

Bob: Well, I'm anti-yankee.
by Dragon Tailed May 27, 2005
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A sad little man who still thinks England is a world power, and that all americans are fat and stupid. Tell me, did our being stupid make us the number one power in the world? Did our being fat win us more gold medals by far then any other country in the olympics? Have you been to america? I think not. Maybe 25% of the people in the south are fat, but up north its not bad at all, of course you wouldnt know that because you have never set foot in this country because you have no idea what your talking about.
A fucking moron, why dosnt he come to america and talk shit instead of sitting in his mothers basement?
by yankee April 18, 2005
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