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Come on people. And i'm not talking to you townies out there. I'm talking to the rockers. Goths, grungers, skaters, greebs, whatever you want to call yourself, there's no denying the fact that we all have two things in common. 1. We all listen to some form or another of rock music.
2. We have all recieved at some time or another abuse from townies/chavs for the fact that we dress differently and listen to different music than them.
So, why are we sitting here mouthing off to one another? Having a go at goths because they're 'suicidal' or 'pretending to be depressed', having a go at grungers coz they 'think they're individual but theyr not'. Please, don't we have enough to deal with from the scum townies without fighting amoungst ourselves? Let us join together in our joint love of rock (long may it live) and our hate for townies! Heed my advice!
Ps, i am not stoned, i am trying to spread a little love in an altogether hateful world xxx!
Rocker1: Oh my god! You're a goth!
Rocker2: Oh my god! You're a grunger!
*evil stares alround*
Townie: Oi u fookin mosha twats!
*rockers look at each other and smile*
Rocker1: Lets go beat the crap outta the little fucker!
Rocker2: Yeah man!
by Altu mequera orcu March 27, 2005
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