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Come on people. And i'm not talking to you townies out there. I'm talking to the rockers. Goths, grungers, skaters, greebs, whatever you want to call yourself, there's no denying the fact that we all have two things in common. 1. We all listen to some form or another of rock music.
2. We have all recieved at some time or another abuse from townies/chavs for the fact that we dress differently and listen to different music than them.
So, why are we sitting here mouthing off to one another? Having a go at goths because they're 'suicidal' or 'pretending to be depressed', having a go at grungers coz they 'think they're individual but theyr not'. Please, don't we have enough to deal with from the scum townies without fighting amoungst ourselves? Let us join together in our joint love of rock (long may it live) and our hate for townies! Heed my advice!
Ps, i am not stoned, i am trying to spread a little love in an altogether hateful world xxx!
Rocker1: Oh my god! You're a goth!
Rocker2: Oh my god! You're a grunger!
*evil stares alround*
Townie: Oi u fookin mosha twats!
*rockers look at each other and smile*
Rocker1: Lets go beat the crap outta the little fucker!
Rocker2: Yeah man!
by Altu mequera orcu March 27, 2005
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One thing. "rape me" is not a metal song. Its a nirvana song, therefore it is grunge. Secondly, please don't get grunge confused with goth. Grungers don't care about individuality, they just DON'T CARE! And it is very rich coming from a rap fan, you must have missed a few crucial lessons on individuality. I would just like to say one thing in the defense of all rockers, i have never had any trouble from anyone NOT wearing sports clothes (aka townies/chavs/scallies/wotever). I rest my case.
Rap sucks, i mean, theres no talent, anyone can get up and do it! Unless they're Busted in which case they can't talk because i've already ripped out their vocal chords. mwahaha
by Altu mequera orcu March 27, 2005
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Entry no. 5 in this was good, but you missed out some MAJOR bands! Erm... Motorhead, Judas Priest, to name a couple! I was born of metalheads, and i can handle my drink. I keep up wiv the folks, and they're fuckin BIKERS!!! Unlike the townies who get pissed on half a bottle of alco-pop! Any true metalhead should drink beer, beer and more beer, have an inhuman love for motorbikes and worship Black Sabbath. And be half deaf from the volume 11 music...! Oh, and here's a tip, please please please don't wear a brand-spanking squeaky new leather jacket until its worn in a bit, it makes you look like an extra for grease. Cheers.
The metalhead got so into headbanging to motorhead, he didn't notice his beer had spilt all over his jacket which already had beer and cum stains all over it. Oh well, better cover it up with another patch i suppose...!
by Altu mequera orcu March 27, 2005
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Get a life and say something constructive you unindividual townie son of a bitch. Sorry, am i going to have to rephrase that so your mind doesn't explode? Umm.. you are a sheep, if you dont have anything nice to say, don't say it atall. I will hunt you down, take your skinny townie arse to a mosh pit and watch the 'gay moshas' rip you apart. Then we'll see whos gay. Can you please explain what makes moshERs gay in the first place?
Townie (to mosher standing with his girlfriend): Oi u gay mosha, get a fookin 'aircut.
Mosher: Excuse me?
by Altu mequera orcu March 27, 2005
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*sigh* Umm, i don't know how many times i've had to explain this to the likes of 'some people' but just because others look different to you, dress diffently to you, and look like they might (just might) have an opinion, doesn't mean they are satanists. Trust me, if they were, all townies would be dead by now... hey, thats an idea!!
And then the goths, 'moshas', and all the other townie hating heroes did join forces to rid the earth of the scum that hath plagued us. And thus, the people rejoiced.
by Altu mequera orcu March 27, 2005
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AMERICA IS AN EXTENSION OF ENGLAND!!!! Errr, hello, why are there so many white people in america? WE PUT THEM THERE! And actually, america does have their own version of townies, they're called preps!!! D'uh! Ps, england does not suck americas dick, that would be paedophilia, seeing as WE'RE THE DADDY! Oh shit, now i sound loke a townie... bugger.
Townie: I wear the names of american states on my tracksuit tops, im not sucking up, nooooo......!
by Altu mequera orcu March 26, 2005
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The townie is fabulous. Wait, before you click off, let me explain...
The townie allows us to experience first hand what pre-historic man was like, the overhung brow, the tribes, the never-ending reproducing... fascinating stuff! They spend their days preying on so called 'weaker' species such as goths and moshers (i say weaker because we don't feel the need to hang out in groups of 100 just to feel safe), and when they tire of the chase (which isn't very long seeing how much they smoke) the scavenger instinct comes through, and the townie will steal money or food of another prey, ie OAPS and 5 year olds. Naturally this will be done in the large group, as the townie will not attack on it's own. Science tells us that this is how the pre-historical neanderthals behaved, now we have the unique opportunity to study them first hand. Hooray for townies!!
Townie 1: 'ey mate, wossat shit y'go'?
Townie 2: Nickt i' offa kid bruv.
Townie 1: Mate, you're wel' 'ard innit!
Goth walks by.
Townie 1: Oi mate, look a' that goff, he's wel' ashin' for it inne?
Townie 2: Yeah bruv, les go beat 'im up innit!
Townie 1: Na mate, wait til the crew get 'ere, 'ee mite curse us or summat.
by Altu mequera orcu March 25, 2005
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