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A person who is disgusted by the fact that swiney little 10-16 year old girls scream and cry over the Jonas Brothers.

They hate the fact that 99.99999% of all Jonas Brother Fans are brain dead morons that go to every concert, buy two copies of every CD, buy one of there shirts and wear is over and over again until is disinigrates, and there walls are plastered with Jonas Brothers posters, they only talk about them 24-7, and they have a disease that makes them horny when they hear even the letters J-O-N-A-S.

Anti-Jonas think that they aren't talented and there are thousands of other artists that get ignore because of the Jonas Brothers. Guess what?! The Anti-Jonas are right and they have musical taste whether it be rap, rock, metal, or punk.

Anti-Jonas actually have lives and don't let there lives revolve around three talentless, pathetic, girly dressed, high voices, fags.
JB-Fan: OMG OMG OMG I lOVvess<3 them!!!

Anti-Jonas: Really I think they are terrible and have no talent, they are only famous because of Disney.

JB-Fan: UrR a FAGGG!!!! TheYYS Rr aMazingily!!

Anti-Jonas: This is why we hate Jonas Brothers fangirls.
by The Sane People August 17, 2008
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Q: who the hell are the Jonas Brothers?
A: just google it .. key words = The Jonas Brothers.

Q: why do you dont like the Jonas Brothers?
A : cuz they suck and their idiotic fans seriously suck.

they are overrated
they do have bad music
they give modern music a bad name
they should take voice lessons and guitar lessons
they have terrible lyrics and they frickin suck at singing

the fans are the sorriest excuse for humans cuz they are hypocrites and posers

such stupid music by band that dont know how to play their instrument
brainless fangirls : - whats they AIM and Email?
- how can i get nick/joe/kevin/whoever to marry me?
- zomg, i'm like, their biggest fan!
- which Jonas Brother are you gonna go out with?

the Anti-Jonas : I HATE the Jonas Brothers.
Even if I didn't I'd still be annoyed by these stupid questions.

they are mainstream, gay, and generally talentless and a lot of girls don't shut the fuck up about them

When will they end?
by Naraya W. August 09, 2008
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