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The opposite of an aphrodisiac. Something that turns you off really bad, like bonerkill. You may be having a raging hard-on in class daydreaming about Scarlet Johanssen's titties, and then you see the fat asian chick in front of you scratch her ass and smell her finger. Eww, anti-disiac.

Also, may be something that you think about to get your boner to go down, or stop you from having sex.
(Austin Powers being felt up by fembots): Cold showers... MARGARET THATCHER NAKED ON A COLD DAY!! <==That's a good anti-disiac.

Megan: I just talked to Nooch, and I think I want to be a lesbian now. He's such an anti-disiac.
by drusopher March 03, 2008
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The opposite of an aphrodisiac. Something that is a total turn-off. These are things you want to make sure you let your partner know about. It is best to be clear about the behaviors that fall into the "aphrodisiac" category and the "antidisiac" category.
After your partner farts, you inform him/her "that was such an antidisiac."
by brightgreeneyes April 30, 2009
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