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Guitarist in the Dirty Pretty Things, alongside Carl Barat, Didz Hammond, and Gary Powell. He also played with The Libertines on their final tour in 2004 after Pete Doherty left the band.

Anthony is an American, specifically from Boston. He was once a member of the Damn Personals, a Boston based band. He is known for his darling dark, curly mop of hair. His sense of humor is oft talked about, however his courtesy and charm are even more legendary.

Has an affinity for speaking like Napoleon Dynamite, and going crazy on stage.

Sometimes refered to as Stanthony, Stan, or St. Anthony

Plays the trumpet in the opening of DPT's single, Bang Bang You're Dead.
Anthony Rossomando is a tree-climbing guitar god.
by barelylegal April 17, 2006
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Anthony Rossomando - a musician from the USA, stood in for Peter Doherty in the band, Libertines.
Can be blamed for the break up of the legend that was the Libertines, he is a leach.
Man, you owe me twenty quid, your a total Anthony Rossomando.
by YoHoHoand June 26, 2007
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