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a reuniting of a couple who have been kept part.

annopatto; a bro is kept form the chic he loves and then is reunited with her. Slang " an no patto" And I am not apart any longer.
Annopatto bro, was cockblocked from this one chic he loved. He a handsome, loyal, fit, bro, wanted log ages!
The Bro' was helped by the dudes, to get him to the chic he loves.
He found s her, a striking, tho tempered, warm natured, hot piece of ass.They is now an item and na pat a new more Annapata

Definition: He says "Annopatto," "Dudes thanks I am not apart but having it with my chic."

Annopatto = when a guy is apart forth chic he wanted to be with fro a long time and finally he is with her dos ti constantly . annapata
"Annopatta! I was a part from that hot ass chic for ages man."
"You gotta operate your annopatto ."
"I have been now we are Annopatto."
by LeleDettem May 30, 2019
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