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Crazy norwegian.

Key features of an anniken: throwing phones from buildings, walking off on her own little tangents, eating mc donalds fries with EXTRA EXTRA salt, buying cookie dough and eating the whole packet so there is none left to bake, daydreams of a life with justin timberlake, obsessive nature with the colour pink, offensive language - (may include "fitte" or "faen"), lack of manners - burping and farting to name a few, craves chocolate, may respond to "annie" or "lord vader", has the uncanny ability to wield a light saber and therefore may dispose of her enemies with a flick of her sword, can control powers of the dark side and can be heard from some distance by breathing heavily inside her mask and last but not least is loved by many people :)
by Superman2510 February 07, 2010
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