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A large black female usually hitting about 5 foot 6 (Add 2 inches for weave). Can be found wandering the halls of Archbishop Mitty terrorizing and capturing freshman and feeding them to the hills folks. Often transports slaves through the underground railroad in her hair. Mrs. Temple is always too afraid to look for them there. Is really good at doing the robo-cop and dancing to solider boy. It hates the jews, allergic actually, and spends hours in the bathroom dropping off the Cosby kids at the pool. It also spends hours in the bathroom putting on pounds and pounds of black makeup. Her favorite catch phrase is, "How are jew doing?" or "WINDOW OF OPPORTUNITY." Is known for playing "the game" and turning all things she touches brown (including newborn children which she collects in her purse). Can be found at any carls junior worldwide. It also likes white men. Enjoys making fun of fellow african americans such as "ram girl" and usually shouts insults such as "RAM IT UP" and "i like your hair....BAHHHH"
"Hey did you see that anneshirley playing double dutch in streets of Compton the other day?"

"Yeah shes such a jewbagel hehehehehehe."
by enoch andoh March 22, 2008
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