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it is a female gypsy that lives in a caravan or cardboard box eaiting beans over a campfire
shut up you anna-lease
by n.g.e+orange January 11, 2008
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A thing that is very short and unable to make cookies without burning them. This thing has a very storng love and passion for little kitty cats and people named Robert. This thing enjoys movies with not very entertaining plots and thinks they are very good at basketball for some reason. This thing often declines to walk 5 minutes to spend time with her favourite person in the world and claims to be Greek , but barley even knows English. This thing likes to message you to tell you what you're wearing when working out but won't say where they are, almost like a psychopath. This thing bites when angry. Don't stand too close
That thing looks like an Annalease, we should put it in a cage
by Robby8877 February 18, 2019
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