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angry anglophone. one who has some accumulated resentment towards french Quebec, the separatist movement, or bill 101.
i think getting busted by the language police has turned nick into quite the angryphone
by Eugene Romi February 27, 2008
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An english speaking person who hates Québecois culture and the French language, but yet insist on living in the only part of North America when said culture and language exist.

Even though the French language is actually menaced and losing ground in Montreal (Québec's Metropolis), Angryphones insist that they are the victims of an ethnic cleasing whenever they have to see or hear French words.
Why do these angryphones live here while they could be perfectly happy in Toronto?
by Omi-san October 29, 2009
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A derogatory label popular with francophone Quebec nationalists, intended to marginalize Quebec anglophone(s) who do not mince words when publicly denouncing the excesses of Quebec's pro-French/anti-English language laws and/or its proponents.

Since the 1970's, while guaranteeing francophones the right to work and be served in French anywhere in Quebec, several controversial laws and regulations have been enacted progressively restricting access to publicly funded English language education, access to government services and documents in English, the display of English or bilingual signage in public, institutional and retail spaces, and a host of para-public services in English.
Jackie and her troupe of angryphones picketed outside the mall yesterday to protest the lack of bilingual signs inside. They were carrying placards declaring "English is not a disease!".
by Josh Barstein December 19, 2013
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