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1. an angry noob that runs around stealing kills and then mocks your dead corpse by crouching up and down in the general area of your characters face. Meant to be an emulation of a teabag.
2. a noob that runs around constantly saying "fuck you" or "you fucking suck" every time you inflict damage upon that player.
3. a noob that comes up to you post- kill and says things like "hey bro, way to be real fucking ghey" and "i wasnt ready. why'd you come after me". This is due to a kill that is usually of someone on the opposite team.
1. 1337Haxor: Ha! i pwned your noob ass! *crouch, crouch*
2. Announcer: HEADSHOT!
ig075ki115: WOW! I can't believe your h4x! FUCK YOU! YOU FUCKING SUX!
1337h4xor: Don't be such and angry noob...
3. whinyemobitch: I wasnt ready yet........ why'd you kill me.... *goes in corner and cuts wrists while istening to hawthorne heights*
by Chris and Fernando August 01, 2006
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