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You arrive back to a house party after being out all night and fall asleep. The other lads at the party decide to shave your eyebrows off and draw you a new set along with a delightfull set of quite attractive whiskers. You then wake up the next morning and proceed on the journey home not knowing of the new look that you are sporting for the whole of the local area to see. On your journey home you wonder why people are looking at you in a strange manner, you really become puzzled when u are in the queue at the local shop and a member of local law enforcement really gives you some weird looks. Its only when you return home and look in the mirror that you realise what all these people where looking at. This makes you a really angry colly
he wondered the streets for hours not knowing that he had some new eyebrows and delightfull whiskers on his face, it was only when he returned home he became a really angry colly
by whacker30 October 01, 2009
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